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Why «Sigma Medicare»

  • Company history
    “Sigma Medicare” is an Armenian commercial and industrial company, having powerful industrial and technical potential, with perfect business reputation and special position…

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  • Our advantages
    Due to constant quality control of the production and by modifying current technologies used at its own laboratory, “Sigma Medicare” is always distinguished with its high quality products....

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Our technologies

  • Our technologies Cutting
    In bandage production is used the technology of cut crowing, simultaneous cutting and reeling.
  • Our technologies Bleaching
    We produce gauze, bleached exclusively with steam method making the gauze non-toxic, hypoallergenic and the most hygroscopic.
  • Our technologies Sterilization
    The advantage of our method of sterilization is the high vapor permeability of ethylene oxide gas, which has strong bactericidal, virucidal and sporicidal properties.

Experts about us

Our production is executed with the use of modern technologies.
Anthony Cartright IPPR
The sterilization of medical supplies with the ethil oxid totally corresponds to the respective requirements of validation procedures and the up to date procedure of quality control defined by ISO 11135-1 criteria. (
Craig Fish SSVS
According to the contemporary sanitary requirements the packaging of medical supplies and bandage materials is advised to proceed with the use of polipropan based materials, which also respects ISO 11607 standards. (

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