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“SigmaMedicare” company was founded in September 2011. The main directions of the company are the production and delivery of gauze and products made on its basis.

“SigmaMedicare” trading and manufacturing company is endowed with a strong production and technical potential and an impeccable business reputation, as a result  it occupies a unique place in the domestic market of Armenia.

Today, “SigmaMedicare” presents a wide range of products, both in standard performance and modified according to the customer requirements.

Since 2011, the company “SigmaMedicare” occupies 65% of the Armenian market, and since 2012, 50%  of the Georgian market.


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During bandage production seam pressing, cutting and wrapping technologies are used at the same time, which excludes the layering of the side parts.


Gauzes are bleached exclusively by steam, which, unlike conventional methods, makes gauze non-toxic, hypoallergenic and highly hygroscopic.The company has its own laboratory, which allows to constantly check the high quality of production and compliance with international standards


The entire production process is carried out with ultra-modern equipment.

Company uses the method of ethylene oxide sterilization. The advantage of this method is the high permeability of ethylene oxide gas vapors, which has bactericidal, sporicidal and virucidal properties.

Sigma Medicare


“SIGMA MEDICARE” products are certified and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the technical documents and specifications of the National Institute of Standards of the Republic of Armenia.